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Milieu Service Brabant. The waste collector.

We offer a total service of waste streams: Business waste, Paper / Cardboard, Glass and more. Based in Boxtel, Milieu Service Brabant collects a broad range of waste for further processing and disposal. Products include Chemical Waste, Confidential Paper, Fat and Oil, Water and Sludge.

MSB containers

Various types of containers

For 75 years, flexibility and a professional service levels are significant. This means fast, tidy and well-managed handling of all types of containers for variable waste streams. Placing, emptying and changing takes place according to the individual requirements of the customer.

Delivery or collection of waste on location

Milieu Service Brabant is at the forefront with a modern trans-shipment park. The best for both the customer and the employees and so ensuring service and continuity. Milieu Service Brabant is therefore a personal service company where the customer is central. You can deliver almost all waste streams at our Boxtel location, such as construction and demolition waste, rubble and wood.

MSB truck